The only wireless network manufacturer to offer both controller-less and controller-based deployments within the same architecture, an Aruba Networks Wireless Solution can provide a dual platform for initial network design and flexibility as configuration requirements alter over time.

Taking this innovative approach to network infrastructure allows organizations to realize the optimum return on their investment as switching from controller-less to controller-based access points does not require any additional hardware or hardware upgrades.

*If you’re new to Aruba Networks, we can guide you through their innovative product range. From Instant Access Points and Wireless Controllers, to Guest Management, Network Monitoring & Support!

Aruba Networks’ enterprise wireless LAN solutions include:

Aruba Wireless Access Points – Enterprise Mobility

The Aruba range of 802.11n & 802.11ac wireless access points offer faster application performance than previous models with advanced capabilities when dealing with latency-sensitive applications such as High-Definition video. Employing a number of innovative Aruba Networks technologies, Aruba Wireless cloud managed access points ensure consistently predictable WiFi.

Aruba HPE’s range of both Instant (controller-less) and controller-based access points offer businesses robust, high-performance, WiFi at an affordable price. Whether centrally managed or operated in Instant mode, Aruba APs, with Clientmatch Technology, ensure that all enterprise users benefit from the best possible Wi-Fi coverage through intelligent access point selection and RF monitoring.

Many businesses are experiencing a shift away from traditional working hours as employees look to take a more flexible approach to the work day. Aruba RAPs (Remote Access Points) eliminate the requirement for onsite technical resources with their simple set-up and role-based security forwarding.

Controller Managed Access Points

Aruba’s patented Clientmatch technology safeguards end-user experience by matching the client to the best possible access point at all times, with no performance degradation as a result of roaming throughout campus networks.

Providing unprecedented operational flexibility, Aruba access points can be deployed and controlled either locally or remotely by Aruba mobility controllers – or for smaller architectures – can be configured in controller-less, Instant mode.

Ideal for deployment throughout the enterprise, the controller managed access point range benefits the user by requiring no manual configuration, automatically updating software and central management policies.

When integrated with Aruba Mobility Controllers, Aruba wireless access points provide the enterprise with centralised network configuration, data encryption, policy enforcement and network services, alongside distributed and centralised traffic forwarding.

Seamless Network Infrastructures with Aruba Mobility Controllers

Aruba Wireless LAN controllers are designed to unify your enterprise network, delivering mobility, security, and remote networking capabilities, whilst providing secure network access for users independent of their application, device or location.

The Aruba wireless controller range is perfect for deployment in a range of business environments from retail stores to large, campus-wide, environments, integrating a wide array of features such as policy enforcement, firewall, VPN server, intrusion protection and RF management. Not only this, the same features are applicable across wired, wireless, VPN and remote offices, creating an improved user experience irrespective of their connection medium.